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15 “Best Actress” performances you can instantly stream from Netflix.

So a couple of nights ago I finally watched Silver Linings Playbook and really enjoyed it. I recalled that Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar for this film and began to wonder: how many other films that won a “Best Actress” Academy Award can I watch on Netflix? Here’s the full list of winners on Wikipedia with all the years and nominees. Currently Netflix only has 15 of the eighty-seven movies available on streaming, with about a dozen more on DVD. And I’ve only seen four on this list so it looks like the movie theme for me this month is phenomenal actresses!

2012: Jennifer Lawrence
Silver Linings Playbook • Netflix | IMDB

2011: Meryl Streep
The Iron Lady • Netflix | IMDB

2002: Nicole Kidman
The Hours • Netflix | IMDB

1999: Hilary Swank
Boys Don’t Cry • Netflix | IMDB

1998: Gwyneth Paltrow
Shakespeare in Love • Netflix | IMDB

1996: Frances McDormand
Fargo • Netflix | IMDB

1991: Jodie Foster
The Silence of the Lambs • Netflix | IMDB

1988: Jodie Foster
The Accused • Netflix | IMDB

1986: Marlee Matlin
Children of a Lesser God • Netflix | IMDB

1983: Shirley MacLaine
Terms of Endearment • Netflix | IMDB

1982: Meryl Streep
Sophie’s Choice • Netflix | IMDB

1981: Katharine Hepburn
On Golden Pond • Netflix | IMDB

1977: Diane Keaton
Annie Hall • Netflix | IMDB

1967: Katharine Hepburn
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner • Netflix | IMDB

1953: Audrey Hepburn
Roman Holiday • Netflix | IMDB

Condé Nast Traveler Art Globe


Submission on behalf of to the “Global Gallery,” an exhibition at Condé Nast Traveler’s 12 Remarkable Global Citizens benefit, representing each of the causes these Visionaries are famous for championing.

Conde Nast Traveler Celebrates "The Visionaries" And 25 Years Of Truth In Travel - Cocktails



Girls to School: Logo and Website

Girls to School logo
Girls to School logo

Girls to School is a non-profit devoted to girls’ education and women’s empowerment in Mauritania, Africa. This project included logo design, minimal brand guidelines, and the launch of a new brand-supporting website.
View site

Girls to School website
Girls to School website

WASH Microfinance Toolkits


WASH Microfinance Toolkits provide information and tools for financial institutions to develop microfinance products for water, sanitation and hygiene. They are information-dense documents with tables, diagrams, charts, and cross-references to help the banks better understand water and sanitation as a development goal, and advise them when expanding their financial offerings into new areas and new demographics. The toolkits can be found and downloaded at:



Strike With Me created Strike With Me as a campaign site for organizational co-founder Matt Damon’s outrageous “Strike Against Toilets” to raise awareness for the water crisis. The site guides Youtube collaborators and visitors to meaningful participation. Visit site: home page home page
Parallax effect on
Parallax effect on


Drive Less, Live More

Educational booklet produced by the City of Springfield, Missouri, for bicycle safety and awareness.

Booklet cover and interior spread
Booklet cover and interior spread
Fold out map of Springfield bike routes
Back cover + Fold out map detailing Springfield bike routes