15 “Best Actress” performances you can instantly stream from Netflix.

So a couple of nights ago I finally watched Silver Linings Playbook and really enjoyed it. I recalled that Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar for this film and began to wonder: how many other films that won a “Best Actress” Academy Award can I watch on Netflix? Here’s the full list of winners on Wikipedia with all the years and nominees. Currently Netflix only has 15 of the eighty-seven movies available on streaming, with about a dozen more on DVD. And I’ve only seen four on this list so it looks like the movie theme for me this month is phenomenal actresses!

2012: Jennifer Lawrence
Silver Linings Playbook • Netflix | IMDB

2011: Meryl Streep
The Iron Lady • Netflix | IMDB

2002: Nicole Kidman
The Hours • Netflix | IMDB

1999: Hilary Swank
Boys Don’t Cry • Netflix | IMDB

1998: Gwyneth Paltrow
Shakespeare in Love • Netflix | IMDB

1996: Frances McDormand
Fargo • Netflix | IMDB

1991: Jodie Foster
The Silence of the Lambs • Netflix | IMDB

1988: Jodie Foster
The Accused • Netflix | IMDB

1986: Marlee Matlin
Children of a Lesser God • Netflix | IMDB

1983: Shirley MacLaine
Terms of Endearment • Netflix | IMDB

1982: Meryl Streep
Sophie’s Choice • Netflix | IMDB

1981: Katharine Hepburn
On Golden Pond • Netflix | IMDB

1977: Diane Keaton
Annie Hall • Netflix | IMDB

1967: Katharine Hepburn
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner • Netflix | IMDB

1953: Audrey Hepburn
Roman Holiday • Netflix | IMDBRelated: nj executive officer minimum payroll 2021, commissione medica patenti milano corso italia telefono, northern michigan university football roster 1975, gleaners mobile food bank schedule, johnson county arrests, kawasaki eliminator for sale, what are beaver scouts called in other countries, bridgewater, ma accident today, who is the richest dragon on dragons den canada, kelly troup romick cause of death, how much is usher residency in vegas, north american international livestock expo 2022, laidmore road walk, was ryan o’neal in the graduate, dagenham news stabbing,Related: pleasantdale school district 107 superintendent, b139966.html, banyan cay membership cost, forgot to drain ground beef for hamburger helper, asics rocker bottom shoes, gilmour academy athletics, dhl text message asking for payment, perk energy word of wisdom, csdnb staff directory, gamble funeral home fire, bluewater lakes hoa, josie james caan, grand luxxe at vidanta riviera maya booking, rf value significance, j mold mirror mount screws,Related: why did casey ellison leave punky brewster, what is pat lafontaine doing now, gateway arch tickets resale, st joseph’s church hartlepool mass times, givens funeral home obituaries, los tigres del norte son de el salvador, wigan athletic new owners net worth, docker compose static ip, patrick seton o’connor net worth, how to change background on slack video call, buffalo bills club seats, nerdwallet commercial actress, how do dinosaurs stay safe lesson plan, beth ringwald character in sixteen candles, desert hot springs high school lockdown,Related: daily journal corporation investor relations, tamarind barbados refurbishment, can you turn off swearing in battlefield 5, teavana my morning mate replacement, swae lee father, police car crash kings lynn, duluth brewing and malting, 145 glenwood ave, portland maine, 500 down car lots garland tx, robert ness obituary, when will marvel skins return to fortnite, don’s family vacations, kalahari vs great wolf lodge texas, bosch oven grill door open or closed, github leetcode solutions python,Related: similarities between cephalopods and bivalves, cross dowel barrel nuts sizes, tod weston smith, stacey francis netball eye surgery, amos lee mother, does mullein grow in georgia, buds gun shop death, 2174 mcclellan pkwy, sarasota, fl, c7 spinal cord injury hypoventilation, family activities near monticello, ny, ian bleasdale isle of man, , what is considered low income in iowa 2021, shaun johnston pictures, shooting in riverdale, il yesterday,